Mon-Fri                        Sat-Sun

30mins                                                                $55                              $60
45mins                                                                $75                              $82
60mins                                                                $95                             $104
75mins                                                                $115                             $126
90mins                                                                $135                            $148

*Add on Hot Stones $15    *Add on Aromatherapy Essential Oils $15    *Add on Face Massage $15
*Add on Body Scrub $45    *Add on Hyrdo Salt Soak $30


Designed to relax your mind and body, this massage uses slow rhythmic strokes and concentrates on easing nervous tension by stimulating your blood and lymphatic circulation.


This deep, regenerative massage integrates a variety of techniques to relive pain, realign and balance your musculoskeletal system. Localised on areas of concern, we will unravel tension and tight muscles by invigorating blood flow to enhance circulation and detoxification. Recommended to ease chronic tension, muscular stiffness and headaches.


This gentle and relaxing treatment has been created to assist in nurturing specific needs after the first trimester. This massage eases areas of tension, improves circulation and alleviates back pain, whilst promoting a state of calm and wellbeing for both you and your baby.