IPL Skin Treatments - (Intense Pulsed Light) 

Face & Body Treatments available    POA         

Pigmentation & Age Spots

Rosacea & Vascular Therapy

Acne Treatment

Skin Rejuvenation


RF - Radio Frequency 

Face & Body Treatments available    POA     

Stimulates collagen production, Tightens & Firms Skin, bringing youth back to the skin.                                                        



Silk Power Facial - 60mins $120               

A customised facial treatment focusing on Exfoliating, Stimulating and Brightening the skin. Includes a Cleanse, Peel, Facial Massage, Mask and Moisturise to balance pH levels of the skin. All Skin Types
*For a serious exfoliation why not add a micro $45

Age-Management Facial - 75mins $130                   

Packed with Vitamins A, E & Collagen using warm Ultrasonic Infusion & steam, essential oils, plus Jade Rollers with a Vitamin Renewal Mask to Stimulate, Rejuvenate and Regenerate.  Normal, Dry, Mature Skin
*For maximum results, add on a peptide peel or micro $45

Multi Clay Detox Facial - 60mins $120                    

Promoting cell renewal to detoxify and calm skin prone to breakouts.  Acne/Congested Skin
*For maximum results, add on a pumpkin peel or micro $45

Bio-Hydra Moisture Infusion Facial - 60mins $140                   

Deep cleanse and exfolation with Dermabrasion followed by a moisture locking bio-hydra mask with massage for thirsty skin.  Soothe, Hydrate, Replenish.  All Skin Types, including dehydrated.
*For maximum results, add on a lactic peel or micro $45

Recharge Facial - For Men $120                    

Liquid volcanic rock rich in minerals is used to assist in detoxfying and energising the skin. Featuring black pepper, vitamin c and whiskey, for durable hydration and deep cleansing of the skin’s tissues. Your skin is left feeling smoother, more youthful and rejuvenated.


Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Infusion Treatment - 30mins $120                   

Using hyperbaric oxygen to deliver concentrated vitamins, antioxidants and potent skin hydrators, this dermal infusion provides intense re-plumping and volume that visibly lifts, tones and awakens for a revived and fresher looking skin. Makeup glides on like a dream for the ultimate in flawless perfection.

*For maximum results, add on a micro $45, or choose one of our intensive booster+ treatment serums $40

  • Vitamin C+3 Booster: Smooth + Brighten + Strengthen

  • Collagen+ Booster: Restore + Tighten + Volume

  • Antioxidant+ Booster: Detox + Revitalise + Balance

  • Vitamin A+ Booster: Regenerate + Clarity + Refine



Micro session - 30mins $90

*add to any facial $45

Microhydrabrasion is a deep exfoliation on the top layer of skin with a diamond tip hand piece, which gently glides over the skin using 4 methods including mechanical abrasion, gentle vacuum suction to stimulate collagen production and clear congested pores, lymphatic drainage and finally water to cleanse, flush out pores and hydrate.  What a treatment, what a powerful exfoliation.  

This treatment allows the epidermis to regenerate leaving a youthful radiance to your complexion, plus as your dead skin barrier has been removed, your products used at home can easily soak into the skin, giving you better long lasting results and more out of your products.  Results are seen after just one treatment, although we recommend a course of 6 treatments 2 weeks apart, maintenance of once a month for best results.

*add to any facial $45


Skin Peels

Peel session - 30mins $90

*add to any facial $45

Chemical peels are a safe and non-invasive advanced exfoliation treatment for smoothing, re-texturing and clarifying your skin. They work superficially to refine your skin by indirectly stimulating collagen to correct underlying pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and clearing acne.  Chemical peels allow for a much deeper penetration of the skin resulting in a more pronounced skin solution.  We prescribe a skin peel treatment to best suit your skin conditions and concern using a blend of plant stem cells, vitamins and AHA's & BHA's, including mango, pumpkin, peptides, lactic, salicylic and glycolic acid.

A course of treatments 2 weeks apart, is recommended.

*add to any facial $45


Facial Upgrades

Eye + Lip Infusion Treatment $25

The first area of ageing begins with your eyes, so to protect your delicate eye area, and prevent future premature ageing this treatment is a must!

Extractions with Steam Therapy $15

Steam is used to hydrate, soften skin, and assist in removal of blackheads, milia and congestion.

Hair & Scalp Treatment $25

Replenishes, hydrates and mineralises the head and scalp whilst also being a perfect stress antidote. Your hair is generously treated with a nourishing hydration mask.

Paraffin - Hands or Feet $15

A nourishing & moisturising treatment for dry or cracked skin. Also provides heat therapy to assist in arthritic or joint pain. A must for anyone wanting softer, healthier looking hands or feet.

Facial Mask $15

Combat dehydration, redness, breakouts, or dull or dry skin.

Intensive Oxygen Booster+ Serum $40

  • Vitamin C: Smooth + Brighten + Strengthen

  • Collagen: Restore + Tighten + Volume

  • Antioxidant: Detox + Revitalise + Balance

  • Vitamin A: Regenerate + Clarity + Refine